Take your nursing career to the next level

Create a company. Operate a practice. Manage a business.
Our mission is to increase access to care and empower nurses. We do this by helping nurses start their own businesses. Get started part-time or jump in full-time.

Are you ready to start your nurse-led business? We can help.

Nurse-Led Webinar Series

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Our AlyxCares platform guides you on your journey

to starting your nurse-led business:

Flexible Client +
Patient Management

Flexible, HIPAA compliant client and patient management systems.


AlyxCares is there for you when you’re ready to start your own company – you take care of your patients; we take care of you.

Nurse Entrepreneur

AlyxCares connects you with a community of nurse peers and business experts—going out on your own doesn’t mean doing it alone!


Create your company

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your company

Access to a curated selection of vendors to meet your every need, including: 

  • Business plan
  • Email/calendaring
  • Website creation
  • Insurance and credentialing
  • Legal
  • Marketing


Operate your practice

Tools to support mobile (in-person) and virtual (telehealth) visits

Schedule, conduct, and bill a visit within a single platform

Mobile-ready patient portal for secure communications and data collection

Access to community of mentors and peers and premium content


Manage your business

Simple billing

Powerful metrics

Access to shared services to help you grow your nurse-led business



Who is Alyx?

Alyx is the Nurse of the present and future! The Avatar to help nurses engage in a new kind of care. Through virtual, mobile and community care, nurses can operate and manage an independent Nursing Practice. Alyx is a tool to engage, enable and empower nurses everywhere to deliver care, support their practice and create a balanced work-life synergy.

“I’m not sure I am ready to create a company yet. Can I still join?”

We understand that it takes a lot of thought and preparation to make the choice to start your own company. We encourage individuals who aren’t ready to take the leap to follow us on social media, bookmark our blog, and join our mailing list. We’ll be here when you’re ready!



“I already have a company. Can I still join?”

Absolutely! For individuals who have already gone through the process of creating a company, you can join our community and start using our platform without the added cost of getting started. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.



“What type of companies can I start using AlyxCares?”

AlyxCares was designed to support a number of different kinds of businesses led by nurses and other non-physician practitioners, including:

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mobile care delivery

For advanced practice nurses who work in states where they can bill insurance companies, we are also prepared to support primary care and disease management practices. We will work with you to validate your credentials to unlock the features allowed for APRNs.



“Is AlyxCares HIPAA compliant?"

Yes. We have taken every precaution to ensure that your patients’ data is well protected. AlyxCares is built on Salesforce, which is a HIPAA compliant system. However, there are some processes that we’ll need to go through together to ensure that your practice remains HIPAA compliant. We’ll tell you all about this during the onboarding process.

“How much income can I earn by running my own company?”

Your level of income as a business owner will vary based on the services you deliver, the community where you work, how fast you can acquire clients, and how many hours you spend delivering billable care. We provide you with the tools and services that you need to grow your business while limiting your administrative burden so you can earn a living doing what you love doing most.

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